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Our most frequently asked questions

Believe it or not, insurance company statistics show that golf, bowling, and even fishing have higher injury rates than playing paintball. We provide all the safety equipment for each player.  The player’s number one goal is probably to have fun.  That’s AWESOME!  However, guests having fun is not our #1 goal, our guests’ safety is. Certified Refs are THE AUTHORITY out on the field and they ensure guests have a safe & fun adventure. 


Unlike traditional sports, genetic size or weight does not give you an advantage.  The game is neutral to all players who want to enjoy the game.  It is not just for Rambos.  We cater to players of all skill levels from complete beginners to tournament level players (Congrats to our 3-Man Novice team who took 2nd in the 2019 NXL WORLD CUP!)

Our Referees are trained to ensure beginner players aren’t overwhelmed or “picked-on” by more experienced players.  Many of our more experienced players truly love to teach the newbies neat tricks. You can find some tips and tricks here!

At Full Range Paintball, the minimum age to play regular paintball is 12 years old. The minimum age for low impact paintball is 8 years old. 

Paintball has been compared to live-action video games.  It offers men, women, boys and girls an enjoyable, amazing adrenaline action experience.  When played with friends and family, not only is it enjoyable, it’s great exercise, and provides a time period of “disconnecting” from electronic time sucking devices.  It is ideal for church groups, corporate team-building, school outings or just plain having fun outside, off the couch and in the action.

Unlike traditional sports, genetic size or weight does not give you an advantage.  The game is neutral to all players who want to enjoy the game.  Paintball is not just for Rambos.  We cater to players of all skill levels from complete beginners to tournament level players.  Our Referees are trained to ensure beginner players aren’t overwhelmed or “picked-on” by more experienced players. 

To make things easier, you need to understand some terminology and the equipment options you will be offered.  If you don’t book a reservation prior to arriving, you’ll be asked to decide at the Check-in counter.  The information in our FAQ will help.

Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty!!  You are allowed to wear whatever clothing you feel comfortable playing in based on the weather conditions. The thing to consider (especially for the young ones) is the impact of the paintballs.  Paintballs from Low Impact .50 caliber high pressure air (HPA) guns hit with 67% less energy on impact than a paintball shot from a Traditional .68 caliber HPA gun.  Think of it as a good snap with a rubber band.  If that rubber band snap hits bare flesh, it is going to hurt more than if it lands on a sweatshirt.  Loose and Layers are key.  Besides, loose clothing makes it easier to move, run, and jump.  To lessen the sting even further, you can always add a vest (chest and back protector) if your rental package does not come with one.  Also consider something to protect the neck.

Color is another factor.  Serious players wear colors that allow them to blend into the woodsball setting.  Darker colors resist any staining, but darker colors can be hotter in the summers.  The paint we use is advertised as washable.  White or very light colors might stain depending upon the type of fabric and how long it takes you to wash it – leaving it in a car for week before washing it is not a great idea.  

It’s our recommendation that you wear long pants for woodsball to help protect your legs from low lying brush as well as bug bites in the tall brush, but you are allowed to wear shorts if you like.  Remember, it’s the woods!  There may be plants with thorns.

Knee pads, ski hats, baseball hats or gloves are also items players wear.  Baseball hats are placed on backwards prior to putting on the full-face mask.  The hat covers most of the hair and the bill of hat can (but not always) protect the back of your neck.  For those with long hair, you’ll probably want hair ties to pull it back and keep it out of your face while playing.  Bandanas are great if you are worried about getting paint in your hair. 

The only restriction we have is that all players must be wearing a closed toe shoe of some sort. Due to safety reasons sandals, flip-flop, or crocs are not allowed on the playing fields.

Another thing to consider about clothing is how dirty you’re going to be AFTER playing.  Are you going to be able to get back into your vehicle and not get it dirty?  Consider bringing another set of clothes to change into, a plastic bag to put the really dirty items and shoes into, and perhaps a few more plastic bags or towels if you want to cover the vehicles’ seats.


As a Group you will play with other individual Walk-Ons in the general public (unless you choose to be a Private Group – see FAQ later in this section).  The Refs on a field might split a group where part of you are on different sides (ends of the same field) so you can actually shoot each other verses always being on the same side and only shooting other players outside your group.  The Ref will also split all players on a field to ensure both sides have equal skill levels. Once on the field you will play a game or two and take a break.  This allows for rest, re-hydration, filling your gun’s tank with more air, and recharging with ammunition.  As you come off the field, other players or groups will play while you rest.

Whether you make a reservation or just show up, do yourself a favor … Before you arrive, ensure you have already filled out all waivers on-line so you aren’t standing in line to do so once you arrive.  No one likes to stand in line. 

You are not required but we highly recommend it.  Some days we are completely booked or hosting a private event.   If you don’t have a reservation, we might not have room for you or your group. We do require a deposit or full payment to make the reservation official.

If you didn’t book a reservation, it is at Check-in where you let the staff know what type of paintball gun and what package you’d like. 

First, you check-in. If you didn’t book a reservation, it is at Check-in where you let the staff know what type of paintball gun and what package you’d like. 

After completing check-in, you will be marshaled to the “staging area” by one of our Staff.  You will then receive an orientation about the rules of play, the safety briefing, learn how to operate the equipment, what to do in case of an emergency and more.  Then … off to the field to start sending paint down field!

Think of it like a restaurant reservation. If booked at 7, you arrive at 7. You won’t be eating your steak at that time, but that is when you will get seated, get water, etc… Same Here!  People always ask, “Do we need to arrive early?” No.  You can if you wish, but not necessary.

When the group arrives it’s extremely helpful if the first person arriving has a list of names of those in the party.  We will need to confirm that each person has in fact completed their waivers and each individual must be fitted with a mask at check-in.  Staff will lead you through the next steps, provide you the rest of your equipment, give you the Safety / Field Orientation instructions, and lead you onto the field to start playing.

In the case of inclement weather, you are welcome to move the day of your reservation.  We do not automatically consider weather a cause for a refund.  We play rain or shine!  Occasionally winds become too strong for our nets or continued lightning storms (many of these pass through quickly) may cause us to close. If you are one of our many vacationers here on the Emerald Coast we will issue a refund or you can use it to purchase souvenirs in the Pro-Shop.  Locals are asked to reschedule. 


No, for several reasons.  If paintballs get too hot, or too cold, it changes the consistency of the outer gelatin shell.  This can make them hurt a lot more on impact & potentially injure other players.  For a true low impact experience – the paintballs have to be maintained within specific temperature ranges. Our paintballs are custom made for our environment and arrive in heated and air-conditioned trucks to assure a pleasant experience for our customers. 

Big box stores aren’t known for putting paintballs in climate controlled trucks along with their edible items.  Poor quality paintballs purchased from box stores and even bulk manufacturers are known to cause damage to paintball guns.  If we find a guest using outside paint, we will tell you to immediately stop playing and purchase paintballs on site if you wish to continue playing.  If not, you will be asked to leave.  We will not put other guests’ safety at risk due to inconsistency of outside paintballs being hard enough to cause injury to others.

Yes, but … your equipment must meet our insurance requirements.  You’ll need a working paintball gun that is clean that has a trigger guard and a hopper.  Your mask must be a full face paintball mask that fits properly and complies with ASTM standards.  Make sure to check your air tank because they expire between 3-5 years after you purchase them.  You will also need a barrel bag (not a barrel plug) for safety.  We must check your equipment before using it on our field.  Should you find you need an item, we have some for rent and others for purchase.

Standard paintball is played with a larger (.68 caliber) paintball and has higher speeds leaving the marker (approx. 280 ft/second). It can hurt and makes your desire to hit rather than be hit go up, which can make the competition on the field more exciting.

Low impact paintball is played with a smaller (.50 caliber) paintball and has a slower speed leaving the marker (approx. 220 ft/second). This reduces the potential for a hit hurting (not completely) and makes for a more relaxing game and competition. It feels about like a good sting with a rubber band. This is good for younger birthday parties as well as company team building events, so even the most apprehensive folks can play.

If you are part of a semi-private group reservation, you and your friends will be mixed into a larger group session with other public players. You will be allowed to stay together on the same team as your friends, unless of course you prefer to be on opposite sides. The choice is yours.

If you are playing in a Private Group Reservation, then you will only be playing against the other members of your group.

Private Groups have the choice to play only with people in their private party – that means when they take the field, it is only their people.  This DOES NOT mean that other groups of public players won’t be playing the same fields.  You play the same fields, but not at the same time. 

This group has set up a private event where they only play each other and have a dedicated referee as well as other benefits of scheduling a private event with Full Range Paintball. 

Players with their own equipment are referred to as “Self-Equipped”.  As an individual player, whether you have your own equipment or are renting from us, you would be considered a “Walk-On.” Walk-Ons mix in with other Walk-Ons and the general public.  This might  include Groups you can book. 

This person is not new to the sport and owns their own equipment. Their experience can be useful to help beginners, as long as they are willing to change their markers to single shot mode. These players love the sport. Full Range Paintball will always put you with players who have similar experience levels.

This person is either brand new to the sport or has some experience and enjoys it enough to come back, but is not ready to make an investment in equipment. They are out to have fun and will always enjoy playing with new players.

No, we are within just a mile of an active military runway.  Aircraft fly overhead at altitudes of less than 500 feet.

We have first aid kits where you check in.  If you need first aid, please contact a staff member immediately.  We are also located 3 miles from the nearest Hospital with an Emergency Department.

We keep lost items at the check-in area.  If you lose something at our location, please call us.  Simply put, we do not have the space to keep items forever.  We reserve the right to get rid of items left beyond 30 days, so call us sooner rather than later. 

You have several options.  You can play along with your child(ren)!  Provided we have the available equipment, we’ll even allow the parent to try it out.  If you don’t like it, then bring the equipment back.  If you like it, stay and play, then pay at the end.  Remember … this is the only way you can legally shoot your kid(s)! 

Another choice is you can borrow one of our masks and actually follow the group onto the field (behind the nets) to watch them play.  This requires you to sign a waiver and attend a safety briefing.  If you choose this option, keep in mind the Referees are THE authority on the field, not the parent. 

Another option is hanging out in the staging area with other people. 

Yes, there is a restroom located in the Check-in area.

Feel free to bring in any food, order up some pizza, or anything else you might want.  Or have your event catered here on site.  Please do not bring glass containers.  We even have options for alcohol for your group if booked as a private party. 

If you would like to have a private event where you can bring alcohol, you need to contact us directly.  Alcohol on site requires an additional event insurance policy, and we’ll help you arrange that.  The additional price depends upon many factors such as the number of people, the length of the event, etc., but most range from $70-$150.

We will refund your money. No Questions Asked!

Even though we don’t ask… some parents tell! We’ve refunded events because of sick kids, kids that got bad grades, kids that didn’t behave in school, kids that were mean to their siblings, and sometimes we’ve refunded just because something changed, money got tight, and they just could not afford to do the party at this time.

We’re ok with any reason you want to cancel. We know that things change, and you never have to worry when booking with Full Range. If you need to cancel instead of rescheduling your event, you will get a 100% refund for your event.

NOTE: Off Hour Private events have slightly different rules. See Below.

My Child got sick. Now what?

Don’t worry! We can reschedule your event for another time in the future. Not sure exactly when? That’s ok too! We’ll just push it out a few weeks to hold your reservation spot, then when you know the exact day and time you want it, you just let us know and we’ll adjust it again.

NOTE: Off Hour Private events have slightly different rules. See Below.

Sure, we just need 72 hours notice.
Off-hour events have slightly different rules for canceling. These are events that are booked when we are normally not open, so it means we have to change our staff scheduling to accommodate your event. Because of this, we need at least 72 hours advance notice to reschedule or refund off hour private events. If any changes to your event are going to happen, please let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule our staff accordingly.