paintball is for everyone!

paintball for church,
youth groups and
school events
near destin

Enjoy the outdoors!

looking for something different for your next church, youth group or school event?

Kids get bored easily, so try something different! Get them outdoors and active! Paintball is a perfect activity for church, youth groups or school events! No need to have any previous paintball experience – we’ll show you how!

We make it easy to host your school field trip, youth group event or church event – paintball at our park near Destin is for all ages! We have equipment and games for all skill levels!

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Why Paintball at Full Range Paintball?

Safety first while having fun

Open SIx Days a week

Mon - Friday: Reservation only
Sat, Sun: 8am - 6pm

outdoor adventure

Play paintball outside in the fresh air and work as a team!

LOw Impact paintball

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Paintball is for all ages and abilities

life is not paintball alone - you have to have teammates!

What we offer

our games

traditional PAINTBALL
.68 caliber

Rise up and be fearless! At Full Range Paintball near Destin, you'll experience the adrenaline and adventure that this traditional paintball game provides. For ages 12 and up. We have three different paintball fields to maximize your enjoyment!

low impact PAINTBALL
.50 caliber

Our low impact paintball, high thrills game uses smaller paintballs, so the gun is easier to handle and the sting only feels like the snap of a rubber band! Perfect for players age 8 and up and those that want to experience the fun of paintball with one-third the impact!

Pump action
Low Impact Paintball

Paintball fun for ages 6 years and up at our paintball park near Destin! Uses a spring loaded .50 caliber pump action paintball gun - the thrill of paintball with 80% less energy on impact!
coming soon

No impact paintball

Choose from our No Impact Shooting gallery or compete on the global leaderboard with Hitmen air-powered time trials! No impact paintball at Full Range Paintball near Destin.
coming soon