Birthday parties are for everyone!

Paintball Birthday Parties
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girl with cupcake at paintball birthday party near destin
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Have a birthday coming up?

Host the birthday party everyone will remember

Our facility is the best place to for you to have your friends and family to come to celebrate a birthday and play paintball. Your group will play on our paintball fields near Destin and have a birthday party experience they’ll never forget! Bring pizza, cake, ice cream – whatever you need to make your birthday party special –  to enjoy at our picnic tables! 

Your birthday person is special

We will help you host a paintball birthday party

It’s our passion to make the birthday person the center of attention and feel special.  After booking, we will call in advance of your party to speak with you.  This allows us to prepare and ask some questions so we can make your party extra-special.  

We know it’s impossible to be certain how many paintball players might show up. Anything can happen, especially when dealing with a group of families with multiple children getting pulled in different directions. We priced our packages with a cost per person. If you invited 14 kids, but only 7 show up, No Worries!! You only pay for 7. We ask you how many you “think” will show up so we can reserve that amount of equipment.

It’s never easy organizing a birthday party, but we do our best to help. After reserving your day and time, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. That e-mail provides you with all the information you need to pass on to the guests or other parents of kids invited. One piece you pass on provides a direct link for the player, or if a minor, parents to fill-out the required waiver. Our system provides you as the party organizer a way to check and see who has completed those waivers.

What We Offer


traditional PAINTBALL
.68 caliber

Rise up and be fearless! At Full Range Paintball near Destin, you'll experience the adrenaline and adventure that this traditional paintball game provides. For ages 12 and up. We have three different paintball fields to maximize your enjoyment!

low impact PAINTBALL
.50 caliber

Our low impact paintball, high thrills game uses smaller paintballs, so the gun is easier to handle and the sting only feels like the snap of a rubber band! Perfect for players age 8 and up and those that want to experience the fun of paintball with one-third the impact!

Pump action
Low Impact Paintball

Paintball fun for ages 6 years and up at our paintball park near Destin! Uses a spring loaded .50 caliber pump action paintball gun - the thrill of paintball with 80% less energy on impact!

No impact paintball

Choose from our No Impact Shooting gallery or compete on the global leaderboard with Hitmen air-powered time trials! No impact paintball at Full Range Paintball near Destin!
coming soon
four boys on paintball field near destin FL

Just 12 miles west of Destin

why Full Range Paintball in Fort Walton Beach?

Regardless of the experience level or age of your paintball birthday party group, we have the perfect paintball experience! We have a recreational field, a 1.5 acre woodsball field and an NXL tournament field, as well as different types of games to make your visit with us exciting and fun!  From low impact rounds to challenging courses, you’ll find fun here!

fun for everyone

We have games and equipment that are tailored for different ages and abilities!

we keep it clean

We clean and sanitize our equipment after every use. Only one person per day is ever allowed to use a mask - that's always been our policy. We will provide you sanitizing wipes to be able to wipe the equipment yourself prior to use. We also have new masks still in the original bags you can purchase.

safety first

Our staff is highly trained to keep you safe while you experience the exhilarating thrill of the game!