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Low Impact Paintball
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Low Impact Paintball is the answer

love the thrill of paintball but wish there was less impact?

When many people think of paintball, they imagine young fit kids running, jumping, and diving behind things to avoid being hit by a paintball … and those same kids proudly displaying their blue and purple bruises while bragging about how they got them.  This type of play utilizes the Traditional .68 caliber high pressured air (HPA) gun.  The paintballs fired from this type of gun are larger, are ejected faster (250-290 feet per second-fps), and therefore hit harder (higher energy on impact).  That’s why we recommend use of these guns to ages 12 and up at our paintball park near Destin.  Fortunately, today there are other paintball gun choices. This is where low impact paintball comes in! At Full Range Paintball in Fort Walton Beach near Destin,  our players love low impact paintball!

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Everyone loves low impact paintball

Why low impact paintball?

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “Low Impact” Paintball.  This refers to the .50 caliber HPA paintball guns, which are smaller in overall size, lighter and fire a smaller-sized paintball. This smaller low caliber paintball is ejected at a slower speed (170-220 fps) when compared to the Traditional paintball guns.  The paintball fired from this gun hits with 67% less energy on impact.   That means less pain, less mess, more fun!!  Imagine the hit as a good snap with a rubber band.  You can even reduce the ‘pain’ of that hit by your choice of clothing.  Think of it like this – if that rubber band snap hits bare flesh, it is going to sting more than if it lands on a sweatshirt.  You can also add a vest that pads your chest and back.  These types of guns can be used by ages 8 and up, but they are perfect for almost ANY AGE or gathering. Kids and adults both love low impact paintball at our paintball park near Destin!

Low Impact .50 caliber play

Slower speed
Smaller paintball
less energy at impact
perfect for parties and groups
great fun for ages 8 and up
low impact 50 cal paintball vs 68 cal
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ages 6 and up

pump action low impact paintball

Pump action low impact paintball is for ages 6 and up! At Full Range Paintball near Destin, we use a spring-loaded .50 caliber pump action paintball gun – the thrill of paintball with 80% less energy on impact! 

Why low impact paintball at Full Range near destin?

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LOw Impact paintball

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