COVID-19 Information
for Full Range Paintball

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

In light of the rapidly changing situation surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus), we want to update you on the steps we are taking to ensure a safe and healthy work/play environment.

First, our paintball fields are outdoors and there is plenty of room for social distancing.  Our paintball rules include a 20ft surrender rule … you give your opponent the option of surrendering prior to shooting them within a distance of 20ft.  There is a portable hand washing station near the fields outside and we have hand sanitizing gel at our Check-In area. 

Second, the cleaning protocols we have for our paintball equipment have become an exemplary industry standard. We utilize a 3 compartment washing process, just like the systems in place to clean the glasses you drink from at a restaurant or bar.  Each mask runs through a disinfectant wash 3-part process. After drying the masks, we also spray the interior facial touch points with an additional disinfectant.  No customer ever uses one that was used by another customer the same day – That’s been our policy from the beginning.  We are also running a special where you can purchase a new mask still in its original plastic wrap for $15 on top of a rental package (as long as available – so you might want to call to purchase these in advance of your reservation date). 

All paintball guns, vests, and pod packs are cleaned and disinfected before they are put away.  All washcloths and cleaning rags are machine washed in hot water with disinfecting detergents and dried in high heat.

The outdoor picnic tables are cleaned and disinfected prior to opening and after each group’s use.  The high traffic areas in the Check-in area are cleaned multiple times a day and there is always hand sanitizer available.

Third, we are strongly encouraging staff and patrons to adhere to CDC and WHO guidelines. For more information and what additional safety precautions can be taken we encourage you to visit the links below. These recommendations include everything from thorough and frequent hand washing, to avoiding touching the face, eyes, nose and mouth.  According to the guidelines, we are also advising staff and patrons to stay home if they are sick or have had any contact with persons potentially exposed to the virus or other illnesses. Be assured that we will still be honoring our established cancellation and refund policy of allowing you to reschedule or receive a refund with no fees or charges in the event you or your guests are sick, or you need to cancel for any other reason.

We hope these measures give you confidence that we are taking the necessary precautions to maintain the safest, cleanest and healthiest environment possible. We remain committed to providing you with a fun, entertaining and quality experience.

On behalf of everyone at Full Range, we extend our deepest appreciation to you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this together.